Spring/Wood 2010 - Vol. 18, No. 3

Spring/Wood 2010 - Vol. 18, No. 3
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    Why We Cleanse: Detoxification Treats Many Conditions
    - Yosef Pollack, LAc
    The Pathophysiology of Liver Blood Deficiency and
    Liver Yang Rising

    - Richard "Kyo" Mitchell, DAOM
    Detoxifying the Body: Integrating Naturopathic Remedies into the TCM Practice
    - Mary Helen Lee, Dipl OM, RH (AHG), LAc
    Detoxification Pitfalls and Solutions
    - Elaine J. Wagner, DC, LAc
    Detox for Your Companion Animals
    - Preventing the Neet to Detox

    - Janet De Vallauris, MSOM, LAc
    Poison Town (Poem)
    - James A. Howey