Winter/Water 2006 Vol. 14, No. 2

Winter/Water 2006 Vol. 14, No. 2
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    The Symbol Kan
    - Kenneth Glowacki, LAc
    Sedna: the Mysteries, Miracles and Infinite
    Capacity of Water

    - Donna Carey, LAc & Ellen Franklin, PhD
    Treating Chronic Pelvic Inflammation with Acupuncture
    - Dr. Qu Fan, PhD & Dr. Zhou Jue, PhD
    Chinese Medicine and Aromatherapy
    - Laurel Redmon, MS, LAc, Dipl Ac, CH
    The Kidney Meridian
    - Grandmaster Jiangjing S. Baek
    The Effect of Acupuncture on the Feeding Center of Hypothalamus in Experimental Obese Rats
    - Yue-Sheng Xia, ND