Late Summer/Earth 2006 - Vol. 14, No. 5

Late Summer/Earth 2006 - Vol. 14, No. 5
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    The Symbol Earth is Gen, Mountain and Kun, Earth
    - Kenneth Glowacki, LAc
    Filiform Needling Techniques on the Ten Most Difficult Points in the Head and Neck
    - Wen Jiang, PhD and Changjing Gong
    Chi Kung Acupuncture - Treating the Joints & Extremities using 5 Bows, 6 Harmonies & 3 Rings
    - Jeff Nagel, MA, LAc
    Accumulation of Glycyrrbizinate Acid and Cultivation of Glycyrrhiza Uralensis Fise
    - Qu Fan, MD, PhD and Zhou Jue, MD, PhD
    Li Shi-zhen Pulse Diagnosis
    - Translated by Hoc Ku Huyuh
    Magnificent Melons: Welcome to the
    Family of Cucurbitacease!

    - Laurel Redmon, MS, LAc, Dipl Ac, CH
    Trigger Points - The Upper Body
    - LĂ©onie Rosenstiel, PhD, DOM
    Tongli - A Town of Bridges
    - Dr. Qu Fan, PhD