Winter/Water 2007 Vol. 15, No. 2

Winter/Water 2007 Vol. 15, No. 2
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    Winter/Water Element
    - Janice MacKenzie, L.OM, Dipl LAc
    Pathology: Linearity and Chaos
    - Michael Butz, PhD
    Comments on The Function of Massage in Acupuncture
    - Dr. Zhou Je, PhD, Dr. Qu Fan, PhD and Rui Nam, MD
    Establishment of Scale and Clinical Evaluation for Cervical Spondolpathy of Vertebral Arterial Type
    - Huang Yuntai (Taiwan, China)
    Research on the Therapeutic Effect on Pi-Sen-Kang on Constipation and Anti-Aging
    - Chen Liwen (Taiwan, China)