Fall/Metal 2007, Vol. 15, No. 6

Fall/Metal 2007, Vol. 15, No. 6
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    Fall/Metal Element
    - Janice MacKenzie, LOM, Dipl LAc
    The Significance of Collagen-Based Network to Acupuncture Theory and Therapy
    - Poney Chiang, PhD
    The Patient's Role in the Oriental Medical Clinic
    - Gary Wagman
    Introducing "Gold Needle" Acupuncture:
    The Lamina Points, the Facet Points, and
    a Method for Needling Them

    - Mary J. Rogel, PhD, LAc
    Traditional Chinese Medicine to Lower Blood Pressure
    - Kathleen Rushall
    Acupuncture in the Perception of General Life Aspects in Rehabilitation After Breast Cancer Surgery
    - Michele Elisabete Rubio Alem, Physiotherapist, PhD