Late Summer/Earth 2008 - Vol. 16, No. 5

Late Summer/Earth 2008 - Vol. 16, No. 5
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    Earth: Myths, Archetypes, and Healing Correpondences in the AcutonicsĀ® Healing System
    - Ellen Franklin, MA & Donna Carey, LAc
    Peripheral Facial Paralysis Treated by
    Multi-Directional Needling

    - Hui Jian-ping, Zhao Yao-dong, Hui Jian-an and Supervisor: He Tian-you
    Plum-Blossom Needle Combined with Massage for Treatment of 36 Cases of Infantile Enuresis
    - Song Yong-qiang, Wen Feng-yun, Li Li-xia and
    Wang Guo-ming
    Effect of Acupuncture of Fengchi (GB20) on Blood Pressure and Serum IL-6 and Plasma ET Levels in Patinets with Hypertension
    - Chen Bang-guo, Qiabn Chun-yan, Qu Tao and
    Mao Hong-rong