Late Summer/Earth 2009 - Vol. 17, No. 5

Late Summer/Earth 2009 - Vol. 17, No. 5
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    Chinese Herbal Formula, Bing De Ling, Enhances Antitumor Effects and Weight Loss Induced by 5-Fluorouracil in the Mouse CT26 Tumor Model
    - Qing Xu, Jeffrey G. Brabhan, Shumin Zhang, Pamela Muster, Karen Fields, Ruan-Jin Zhao and Hua Yu
    Clinical Observation on Treatment of Acute Bronchitis Primarily with Pricking-Cupping on Back-Shu Points
    - Xu Wei-dong, Zhang Yong-juan, Yang Jie, Chen Xiao-xiang and Liu Yong-xiang
    The Effect of Acupuncture Therapy on Pain Perception and Coping Strategies: A Preliminary Report
    - Dorit Gamus, Vered Meshulam-Atzmon, Shay Pintov and Rebecca Jacoby