OMJ Online (e-membership)

OMJ Online (e-membership)
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    One-year e-membership just $20
    4 issues (PDF format)

    Join the carbon-friendly future! Become an E-member of Oriental Medicine Journal e-Membership. When you take out e-membership of Oriental Medicine Journal you get OMJ Magazine delivered to you online, rather than as a printed magazine - the content is exactly the same. We will provide four issues a year in Acrobat (pdf) format.

    Every quarter, as the next issue becomes available, you will be sent an email by "" notification that the new issue is available to view. We will send you an email reminder when your membership is due to expire.

    Binding Terms and Conditions
    By downloading any issue of Oriental Medicine Journal the purchaser undertakes that its use will be limited to personal reference by the purchaser only, and the purchaser acknowledges that the contents are copyright of the respective authors, photographers, illustrators and/or their agents. Sale or reproduction in any form is absolutely prohibited, including (but not limited to) copying, printing, digital or computer media, websites or downloads. Action will be taken against any infringement of these terms.