Genetics and the Birthing Nature of Earth

Genetics and the Birthing Nature of Earth
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    Spirit puts us in mind of shen – and the Heart, the “mother” of Earth. This theme continues in our main article for this issue. Susan Wadden, L.Ac., explores for us the meaning of Earth – Earth as the mother who births and nourishes us, Earth as the sphere on which we live and that is mirrored in the sphere within which we begin our existence (the zona pellucida), Earth with whose magnetic poles our own cells orient magnetically only a few days after conception.

    Wadden takes us on a fascinating tour of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels, the I Ching, ancient shamanism, planetary influences, the Blood, the Heart, and Type II diabetes. What an amazing array of interconnected concepts and facts! When you read what Wadden tells us about the latest new discoveries regarding the heart, you will be as surprised as I to learn that the heart is so much more than a pump! In fact, it may not be a pump at all. I won’t steal her thunder here, but when you learn how the heart actually functions, it will put an entirely different spin on your understanding of how our amazing bodies actually work and the role of our medicine in treating it. After you read her explanation of the harmonics of the heart and blood, think about tuning forks, but also think about the implications for diet and what happens when people get their nourishment from processed food instead of eating the bounty of our Mother Earth. For example, nitric oxide is a substance in our blood that makes our blood vessels round and makes the blood cells flow smoothly through the vessels rather than tumble. Our bodies stop making it as we approach 40-45 years of age, and we must get it in our diets, primarily from dark green leafy vegetables. Knowing how the heart actually works, it is no wonder that heart dis-ease and Type II diabetes are so rampant, especially among people who try to survive on the sad Standard American Diet.