Part I: Yin-Yang and The Inner Phases: Wood within Fire

Part I: Yin-Yang and The Inner Phases: Wood within Fire
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    Dennis Willmont, LAc and Herbalist takes us on an excursion through the Inner Phase Points and their correspondences. In Part I, Willmont focuses on the cosmological, physiological, and psycho-spiritual and psycho-emotional correlations, using the Fire element as his example, as is fitting for this time of year. Most of us are familiar with the characteristics of the Five Phases, but each Phase can be further subdivided into the five Phases. Willmont takes us to this deeper level, focusing on Wood within Fire, again fitting, as we move from Spring into Summer. His goal is to help us use the Inner Phases for diagnosis and treatment, so he shows us how Wood within Fire would look as Excess, as Deficiency, and in Balance. In addition, he compares and contrasts the TCM and Five Phase point functions of the Wood within Fire points, demonstrating how these two traditions (TCM and Five Phases) can complement each other.